Mike Pendry Design

Mike Pendry Design

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yellow Factory model for the Harris Museum, Preston

The Yellow Factory

Centenary Mill model for the Harris Museum, Preston

Centenary Mill was built in 1891 to mark one
hundred years of cotton making by Horrockses
in Preston. This building can still be seen in
New Hall Lane. This imposing building is now
Grade 2 listed and has been converted into
apartments. Its massive power house chimney is
a key landmark feature in Preston.

3D model of Brewing Heritage Galleries

3D Model of Richard Arkwrights house

In this house one of the most important events of the Industrial Revolution took place. It was here in 1768, Preston born Richard Arkwright and clock-maker John Kay developed a machine which mechanised the spinning of cotton. The machine was later known as the water frame and made Richard Arkwright a very wealthy man. Today the house is known as Arkwright House